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What Happens if I Get in an Accident With a Commercial Vehicle?

Accidents are always frightening, but when they involve a large commercial vehicle they’re often devastating to those in smaller passenger cars. If you’ve had an accident with a commercial vehicle, you could be facing serious injuries, sometimes with life-altering consequences to your ability to earn a living and perform your daily routine. Even less serious…

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What Causes Most Semi-Truck Accidents?

The freight and shipping industries are in an economic boom in the United States. While we all rely on the goods and services brought to us by large commercial trucks like 18-wheelers and semi-tractor-trailer trucks, these large, unwieldy vehicles cause congested roadways and present a significant safety hazard to others on the road. When a…

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What Happens If I Total a Leased Car in Texas?

A car accident is always an alarming experience, especially if it’s severe enough to total a car and cause serious injuries. The consequences of a car accident continue to be distressing long after the dust settles as medical bills begin coming in at the same time that serious injuries prevent a prompt return to work….

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What Is a “No-Contact” Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle ride is an unbeatable experience in the open air with the open road spanning out ahead. Unfortunately, the same unenclosed, two-wheeled design that makes a ride so thrilling also leaves riders vulnerable to severe injuries in a motorcycle crash. Despite the comparatively low percentage of motorcycles on the road with other vehicles, motorcyclists…

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What to Know About Side Impact Collisions

One of the most deadly types of car accidents are those involving side-impact collisions. This type of collision is sometimes called a T-bone accident, broadside crash, or angle collision. Side impact collisions typically occur in intersections due to one vehicle’s failure to yield the right of way. Side-impact accidents cause about 22% of car accident…