McKinney personal injury lawyers Monica Garcia Bohuslav and Patrick Carew

About the Firm


At Carew Garcia Bohuslav, we are real people that happen to be really good lawyers. Throughout our over 20 years of practice, we learned that winning is in the details, and we pay attention to the details. We are committed to high standards, thoughtful analysis and caring service to our clients. With hard work and dedication, we hold defendants accountable and maximize value for each of our clients.


We began our legal careers defending large, corporate defendants from personal injury claims, and defending small and large businesses with their business disputes. We are a rarity because we specialize in both personal injury and business litigation. We believe, and our results prove, the detailed analysis that we use in business litigation makes us thorough personal injury attorneys.

After defending companies, including trucking companies and major manufacturers, we realized that too often large companies take advantage of individuals due to their inability to afford competent representation. From this realization, we grew passionate about helping individuals fight back. As a result, we decided to switch sides in order to better serve our community.

Being accessible to our clients, while paying attention to the details of our client’s case was and is what we strive to achieve every day. We aren’t just any law firm where you never talk to a lawyer about your case, we are real people who are invested in helping you get results.


Today, we are a small law firm that provides large-firm, proven results to our clients. Every day we provide real people with real, competent legal representation. We have successfully litigated hundreds of cases in the past five years, and obtained Texas Top-50 and Top 100 verdicts.

We are bilingual, smart, detail-oriented attorneys who can assist you with your personal injury or business matters.

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