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No one starts an ordinary day expecting to experience a traumatic injury, but injuries occur when you least expect them. When you’re harmed due to someone else’s actions, it’s more distressing knowing that the injury was entirely preventable if only someone else had taken reasonable measures.

Injury victims deserve not only compensation for the undue damages associated with a preventable personal injury but also a sense of justice for the wrong done to them. A successful personal injury claim accomplishes both.

No one should take on the complex Texas personal injury claim process without an experienced attorney advocating for their rights and best interests. Contact the Frisco personal injury lawyers at Carew Garcia Bohuslav, PLLC, today to find out how we can strategize the best possible way forward for your claim.

Why Choose Us for Your Frisco Personal Injury Case?

Injury victims deserve justice when someone else’s actions or negligent inaction harms them. The Frisco personal injury attorneys at Carew Garcia Bohuslav, PLLC, are ready to defend your rights. Our results-oriented legal team will benefit your Frisco injury claim in the following ways:

  • We offer free case consultations and no upfront payments
  • We are a team of skilled investigators to get to the bottom of what happened, who caused your injury, and what party bears liability
  • Our experienced negotiators will craft a compelling case for your damages and seek a settlement from the insurance company of the party at fault
  • We are a bilingual legal team with over two decades of experience navigating Texas personal injury claims with a strong reputation for success
  • Our powerful litigators are ready to take your claim all the way to court if the insurance company fails to offer the settlement you deserve

Once a Frisco injury attorney is on your side, you can focus on recovering from your injuries while your legal team advocates on your behalf to maximize your settlement or court award.

Common Personal Injury Claims in Texas

Injuries happen in many ways, but if someone else causes a serious injury and sends your life spinning off course, a personal injury claim is the first step toward moving forward and maximizing your physical and financial recovery. Common personal injury claims in Texas arise from accidents and incidents including:

  • Car accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Defective product injuries
  • Texas refinery and oil field injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Criminal violence
  • Wrongful death

These are among the most common Texas personal injury claims, but any accident or injury caused by negligence, reckless behavior, or intentional wrongdoing deserves representation and skilled legal counsel behind a claim so the injury victim isn’t left with the burden of undue expenses.

Common Injuries in Texas Personal Injury Claims

Serious injuries can cause serious damages, including significant financial hardship with impacts on the entire family. Even less severe injuries often disrupt the individual’s livelihood and daily routine. The worst personal injuries may be catastrophic, with life-altering consequences for the victim. Common injuries claimed in Texas personal injury lawsuits include the following:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Fractures
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Burn injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Toxic exposures
  • Traumatic limb loss
  • Thoracic injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Bruises, lacerations, and abrasions

At the Frisco personal injury law firm of Carew Garcia Bohuslav, PLLC, we have deep compassion for injury victims whose lives took a sudden turn due to injury. With skilled representation, our law team can help you move forward toward maximum recovery.

Liability in Personal Injury Claims in Frisco

We all owe a duty to take reasonable measures to prevent harm to others. In a personal injury claim, the injury victim has the burden of proving the at-fault party’s liability for damages by a preponderance of the evidence. This means showing that it is more likely than not that they caused the injury by their actions or negligence. Your Texas personal injury attorney in Frisco will prove liability by demonstrating evidence of the following:

  • That the at-fault party owed a duty of care to take reasonable measures to prevent injury to others
  • They breached this duty by acting negligently, recklessly, or with purposeful wrongdoing
  • The negligent breach of duty directly caused the injury
  • The injury victim suffered significant damages from the injury

Once the documented evidence shows clear liability, your attorney will carefully calculate your damages to maximize your compensation before submitting a demand package to the appropriate insurance company to seek a settlement.

Who Pays Out on a Personal Injury Claim?

Many injury victims don’t realize that the defendant in a personal injury claim rarely pays damages from their personal funds. Instead, an attorney seeks damages from the appropriate insurance company. In a traffic accident, the at-fault party’s auto insurance covers the damages. In other injuries, the payout may come from property liability insurance, medical malpractice insurance, or commercial liability insurance depending on the circumstances of the injury.

What Damages Can I Claim in a Personal Injury Case?

When someone suffers an injury that’s severe enough to keep them away from work while they recover a successful Texas personal injury claim relieves financial hardship. Common damages claimed for compensation in Frisco personal injury lawsuits include the following:

  • Medical expenses and future medical expenses
  • Lost income and future income loss
  • Diminished future earning capacity due to disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other applicable non-economic damages such as PTSD, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, limb loss, or emotional anguish

If a preventable injury caused a loved one’s death, a Texas wrongful death claim could bring close surviving family members additional compensation for funeral costs and lost future income and benefits.

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Texas places a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims to ensure that evidence remains available and eyewitness testimony fresh should the case require a courtroom to resolve. It’s important to begin working on your claim as soon as the full scope of your damages becomes clear.

Reach out for a free consultation with Carew Garcia Bohuslav, PLLC, as soon as possible for a free consultation. With our contingency-based payments, we don’t take a fee unless we secure your compensation. You deserve a skilled Frisco personal injury lawyer in your corner.