Posted By | September 25, 2023 | Car Accidents,Personal Injury

What Is the Timeline for a Car Accident Claim in Texas?

After a car accident, there’s a lot to consider. You may be balancing medical appointments to recover from injuries, while also worrying about the legal aspects of your car accident claim. Many car accident victims wonder how long their car accident claim will take, especially when the medical bills pile up and they cannot return…

Posted By | September 18, 2023 | Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Long-Term Effects of Car Accident Injuries

The human body suffers tremendous force during a serious car accident when a crash brings the body to an abrupt stop after hurtling along at 65 miles per hour. Even when traveling at a sedate 30mph, a 100lb adult becomes a 3,000-pound force during a crash. The majority of car accidents happen at much higher…

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Dangers of Truck Driving Fatigue

When a collision occurs between a fully loaded 18-wheeler truck weighing anywhere between 18,000-48,000 pounds and a 4,000-pound personal vehicle, the driver and passengers in the smaller, lighter vehicle are far more likely to sustain serious or catastrophic injuries. Sadly, fatalities in truck accidents are also far more common in the smaller vehicles involved. An…