Posted By | June 22, 2023 | Personal Injury

Texas Motorcycle Laws You Should Know

With its exceptionally diverse scenic landscapes, miles of shoreline roads, and year-round temperate climate, Texas is a dream destination for motorcyclists. It’s also a motorcycle-friendly climate for riding to work, school, or any daily commute or community destination. While motorcycles are a good choice for saving gas expenses and enjoying a ride in the open…

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Most Common Workplace Injuries

Anyone can get hurt on the job, even if they work in a tidy office environment; however, some work sites are more dangerous than others and many of the booming industries in Texas are among the most hazardous and physically demanding. These include the oil, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and freight industries. There were 178,900 non-fatal…

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How to Handle Drivers With Road Rage

Studies show that road rage is a persistent and growing problem in the United States, increasing notably since the pandemic. A study reported by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety looked at over 10,000 road rage incidents resulting in 12,610 injuries and 218 murders in a 7-year period in the U.S. Road rage incidents not only…