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The variety of lakes around Dallas, TX gives you a lot of choices when you want to hit the water. While it’s a great way to have fun, boaters must take caution, as boating accidents in Texas continue to rise at alarming rates. Boating accidents in just the first four months of 2021 rose 40% over 2020, a year when boat crashes reached a 30-year high.

At Carew Garcia Bohuslav Law, PLLC, we are fierce advocates for victims injured through no fault of their own. Whether your case leads us to a settlement or to trial, we are well-prepared to fight for an award that fairly compensates you for the full value of your damages.

Who Is Liable in a Boat Accident?

Just like in a car or truck accident, negligent boat operators can be held liable when they cause accidents. Determining liability may not always be easy. Our Dallas boat accident attorneys have the experience, training, and legal knowledge to determine the cause and hold all liable parties accountable.

We may seek compensation for our clients from:

  • Boat or jet ski operators
  • Dock owners
  • Bartenders or bar owners
  • Watercraft owners
  • Negligent passengers
  • Boat manufacturers
  • Boat rental companies
  • Party boat companies
  • Manufacturers of defective equipment

While you aren’t prohibited from having an open container of alcohol in a boat in Texas, you are prohibited from boating under the influence. A drunk boater can face criminal charges and civil liability if they cause an accident.

How Do People Get Injured in Boating Accidents?

Texas law requires most boaters to take a boater safety course, but there are still many accidents caused by operator error or risky behavior, such as:

  • Excessive speed
  • Failure to look out for skiers, swimmers, and other boats
  • Operating under the influence
  • Operating without proper lights

If you are injured in an accident on the water due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation to cover your medical treatment, past and future lost income, and pain and suffering.

Our Dallas boat accident lawyers routinely help victims who have been injured or who have lost loved ones from accidents on:

  • Speedboats
  • Personal watercraft
  • Ferries
  • Waterskis
  • Wakeboards
  • Pontoon boats
  • Sailboats
  • Kiteboards
  • Rental boats

Some common injuries we see from boating accidents in Dallas include:

  • Severe lacerations from boat propellers
  • Burns from explosions onboard or at dock refueling stations
  • Brain damage or wrongful death from drowning accidents
  • Whiplash from collisions or hitting waves at high speed
  • Broken bones sustained in a boat or wave runner crash
  • Electrocution from faulty equipment or negligent wiring
  • Amputations

The cause of the accident may not be immediately known. That’s why you’ll want our accomplished legal team on your side. We do the work needed to make sure you are not leaving money on the table.

Why Should I Hire a Dallas Boat Accident Lawyer?

While there are some similarities to vehicle accidents, boat accidents require specialized knowledge. The body of water where an accident occurs dictates what law applies. Unlike car insurance, boat insurance is not required in Texas. If the owner of the boat doesn’t have sufficient liability insurance, it could complicate your claim.

Hiring a reputable attorney familiar with boat accident claims can make or break your case. Carew Garcia Bohuslav Law, PLLC is equipped to handle any water-related accident claim, and consultations are always free. Call today to speak with a Dallas boat accident attorney near you.